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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Dex's Submarine Coffee Recipe

I tried to find a good recipe for coffee to pass along but all I got was this little story from Dex, Thanks Dex!

In the crew mess we had a contraption that could give you a hard time... The coffee urn!

Ah yes, the coffee urn... It stood outside of the galley. It had a gravity drain to number two sanitary tank. The drain line had a gate valve and a kick-throw between the urn and the tank. Failure to completely close these two valves on blowing sanitary tanks, allowed the wonderful contents of number two sanitary to percolate up into the urn and make its unique contribution to the taste of submarine coffee.

I learned to drink coffee aboard submarines. Every cup had a hydraulic oil slick floating on it... For years I wondered why in the hell my non-navy coffee at home didn't taste like boiled Yugoslavian Army socks and come with rainbow colors floating around in it.

Gotta run - See you later!


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